Best overheard-in-a-coffeeshop-song I’ve found in quite a while.


Who’s This, Animated Recap of ‘Game of Thrones’ Set to the Song ‘What’s This?’ From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Can’t wait for Season 4. I’m all caught up on the books, and now have the agonizing multi-year wait for the next one to look forward to.


It’s April Fool’s Day, and major companies and personalities are all trying to pull one over on you.

But seriously, please make this happen. 



Spritz, A Technology That Aims to Redesign Reading by Eliminating the Need to Move Our Eyes

Really cool stuff. 

Just a test post, sorry about the noise…



Fish on Wheels

Needs to be bigger. Made of metal. And have tracks instead of wheels.

Give the goldfish a proper tank!

Oh man. No one in my office would be safe!


This weekend we spent our time in the frozen tundra commonly known as Vermont. We went cross country skiing, and snowshoeing for the first time, which was exhausting but fun. On the way home we also managed to catch our cousin’s ski competition.

A quick video I threw together of the fish I have on my desk.

Hilarious technical difficulties at Desolation of Smaug

Brewing a pale ale with Whitney and Matt. See you again in 2 - 3 weeks for bottling!