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Rufus is no Dufus

I Just Got Served

Michelle: The Secret Santa night is going to turn into a west side story Sharks and Jets situation! Are Jason and Jeff behind this????
Margaux: I think they are defintiely a part of it... he sent a bragging text message last night! You know what side I'm on... **low snap** **low snap**
Me: Are you insinuating that there is some sort of Felted Tweed conspiracy? Because that's just ridiculous. **snap** **snap**
Michelle: Are you trying to say that you're responsible for the late in the game surge of almost 50 votes!? **low snap** **low snap**
Me: No comment. **snap** **snap**
Michelle: I knew it.... **snap** **snap** **kick, kick, pivot.....jazz hands**
Margaux: oh shiz, she just schooled you in email dance! ***full split*** Ouch.
Jessica: wow.... i leave for 15 minutes and i miss a dance party :(